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Simply YOUR Community, YOUR way...

Much more than a typical website!

All the features you need for a COMPLETE on-line presence.

eCommerce made easy...

Quick & Simple Store Setup

No webmaster required. Start selling in minutes!

Powerful & Secure Processing

Secure checkout and payment processing for you and your customers with Stripe™.
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TaxJar™ Integration

Automatic tax calculations and compliance made easy with TaxJar™.

Order & Inventory Management

Built-in tools to manage order status, tracking numbers and more.

Administrative Roles

Appoint others to assist in management of your store.

Unlimited Products

Sell one product, or a thousand.

Community store item example

Product Categories & Variants

Organize your products within Categories. Also add sizes, colors, materials and more. Include separate SKU’s for independent pricing and weight.

Showcase your brand

Launch Your Site in a Few Easy Steps!

Use our Quick-Start Wizard to easily add images and colors and customize your landing page. Publish your Community site in minutes!

Community landing page

Already Have a Website?

No problem! Simply link your Corlinc Community to your website site and jumpstart the conversation!

Your Unique Web URL

Share your unique Web URL in direct marketing, collateral and business cards to drive traffic to your landing page.

Include a Welcome Video

Have a video that exemplifies your mission statement, brand position or market offering? Showcase it on your landing page!

Integrated Google™ Map

Office, shop or store-front? Your Corlinc landing page makes it easy for customers and clients to find you.

Watch your Community grow!

Members & Guests

Your Corlinc Community site and content are searchable and visible to anyone as a Guest, and Guests can even purchase from your eCommerce store. Users that join your Community as a Member enjoy enhanced access to communicate and engage through the Discussions forum, commenting, messaging and more.

Know Your Community

Always know and have direct access to your Community Members and followers. Export your Member list anytime and reach out with direct marketing promotions!

Built-in Event Calendar

Schedule & Promote Events

Keep your Community up-to-date on classes, events, and important milestones. Add supporting media, location and contact info.

Deep Linking

Events include a unique URL for sharing and promotion across social networks and for Search Engine Optimization.

Community Interaction

Members can share comments about events, schedules and other supporting content.

Track Event Attendance

Know in advance who is coming, and who’s not. Leverage opportunities to maximize attendance and market to attendees prior to events.

Community event detail example

Easily add, share, update & promote content - anytime

Store and Share Pictures & Documents

Easily manage sharing of pictures, and many supported documents including PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, rich text and more. Upload from your PC, mobile device or tablet.

Community photo gallery example

Include YouTube™ & Vimeo™ Videos

Provide access to your library of videos from YouTube & Vimeo, all in one location.

Integrated SEO & Deep Linking

Add tags to content items for Search Engine Optimization. Unique URL’s also provide for sharing & promotion across social networks.

Member Comments

Members can interact and share comments about individual content.

Keep It Organized

Organize your content into albums or categories.

Cloud Storage... Included!

Your Corlinc Community includes up to 10GB of cloud storage for your content. Need more? Options to expand will be available soon!

All your social media - All in one place...

Access to All Your Social Content

Combine your Facebook™, Twitter™, Instagram™ and YouTube™ feeds into one convenient location.

One Stream

Allow users to conveniently view one, or all of your networks at a time - in the same stream!

Expand your network

Add Partners or Branches

Promote cross-pollination of content and members between Communities for added exposure and Community engagement.

Administrative Roles

As the Owner of the parent Community, you can appoint others to manage Sub-Community content, but you always stay in control. Add, remove or disable Sub-Communities any time.

What’s Included?

Adding Sub-Communities is FREE and each includes a Welcome Page, Calendar, separate Content section, Discussion Forum and Social Media page.

Community network diagram

Sub-Community eCommerce Stores

Can Sub-Communities have their own store? YES! For only $14.99/mo you can add a store to any Sub-Community! Assign either yourself or a different member of your Community to pay and manage this subscription.

Discussions - the perfect forum for Community interaction!

Built-in Conversation Tool

Ready-to-go from the start, every Corlinc Community includes the perfect tool for users to engage and create permanent, on-going conversations.

Community discussions example

Easy and Organized

Easily add as many topic categories as you’d like. Topics are categorized, indexed and searchable. Better than traditional social media - old conversations are no longer buried under new posts!

Richer Engagement

Users create more interesting content and richer engagement by easily embedding images and links in Topics and Replies.

Administrative Roles

Appoint any member(s) to be a Discussions Forum Moderator. Moderators can add or remove Categories, as well as moderate content. All Discussions Forums include mechanisms for moderating inappropriate content and banning users from participating.

It’s all about the MEMBER EXPERIENCE!

Your favorite brands have unified their content and their audiences.

Unified means...
NEVER miss a single piece of content from your favorite brands!
Unified means...
ENGAGE with a larger, like-minded audience than ever before!
Unified means...
ACCESS to the content you are most interested in... when you want it!

Create multiple profiles -
personal, professional, wacky, tacky or super villain!
Support your favorite brands with products & services in their Corlinc store!

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